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At Home Teeth Whitening – North Hunter Dental – Birmingham, MI

Teeth Whitening Bleaching at Home Fast Effective Method-North Hunter Dental-Birmingham, MIWhy Whiten My Teeth?
When you first meet someone, do you confidently smile and show your teeth or do you find yourself hiding your smile because of yellowed and stained teeth? If yellowed or stained teeth are keeping you from looking your best, then maybe it's time you considered teeth bleaching. North Hunter Dental offers the safe, quick and convenient at home teeth bleaching system that will have you smiling and showing off your pearly whites again with confidence! Why put off making your smile as good as it could be? Ask about our in-home teeth bleaching system today and enjoy having your smile look its best.

What is Teeth Bleaching?
Teeth bleaching is a safe, quick and gentle process for removing yellowed, dull and stained discolored teeth. When teeth have yellowed due to age, or stained from years of coffee and tea drinking, smoking, food or general plaque and tartar build up…bleaching is the way to restore teeth back to their natural whiteness. Some teeth have yellowed due to strong antibiotics (tetracycline) stains or have darkened or discolored due to injury.  In these types of situations, bleaching may take a while longer to respond. Bleaching will not whiten crowns or fillings as it reacts to the enamel coating on the surface of your natural teeth.

How is Teeth Bleaching Done?

Bleaching is a simple process that you do at home for a set period of time following the dentist's or dental technicians instructions. Getting setup to begin bleaching your teeth goes as follows:

1.) The dentist first examines your teeth
2.) Then molds are carefully made of your teeth
3.) You are given the bleaching trays and the gel

How long the entire bleaching process takes will depend on the method and the gel the dentist recommends.

Start with Healthy Teeth and Gums

At your appointment, Dr. Sansone will examine your teeth and gums and explain, based on how discolored or yellowed your teeth may be, the whitening results you can expect and how long a period of time you should bleach for. It's best to get your teeth cleaned first to jump start the bleaching gels penetration and to make sure there are no gums problems before you begin. Cavities must be filled and any old, cracked or leaky fillings need to be repaired or replaced. 

Making Molds of your Teeth for a Perfect Fit
Upper and lower flexible vinyl molds of your teeth need to be made and custom fitted so when you place the bleaching gel inside them, they hold the bleaching gel snugly against your teeth for consistent surface whitening and best overall results. Usually these molds can be made on your first visit.

Getting Started with Teeth Bleaching
Once you've been given your molded trays and the bleaching gel, you'll be instructed on how to put the gel in the trays and how to fit them into your mouth and onto your teeth. You will be told how long to wear the trays each day and for how many weeks you are to continue this bleaching routine. It really depends on how badly yellowed or stained your teeth are.

Getting Results
You should start noticing your teeth start to whiten within a few days. Remember some teeth can be harder to whiten than others. You can discuss your results with Dr. Sansone in your follow-up visit. After you have bleached your teeth for the recommended period of time, your teeth will be checked and the results can be discussed.  To help keep your teeth their whitest, you might consider doing  touch-up whitening treatments from time to time. Dr. Sansone will advise you on how ofter you should bleach your teeth for continued maintenance. Don't keep using the bleaching gel for over extended periods of time as you might over bleach your teeth and cause sensitivity.  Enjoy your new found with whiter and brighter teeth!

General Tips for Best Teeth Whitening Results

1.) Follow instructions and only use the products the dentist gives you
2.) Always brush and floss your teeth before putting on your gel trays
3.) Avoid foods and beverages that can further stain your teeth
4.) Don't eat or drink while the trays are in your mouth
5.) Rinse your mouth well after each bleaching session
6.) Tell the dentist if you feel any discomfort or sensitivity when bleaching

Keeping Your Teeth White after Bleaching

Some of the best advice for keeping your teeth their whitest is to avoid the common causes of teeth discoloring such as smoking, foods and beverages that can further stain your teeth and having regular teeth cleanings to prevent plaque and tartar build up.